Steam and Showers Reveals the Health Benefits of Steam Showers

London – January 24, 2014. Steam and Showers, the premiere provider of steam and hydro showers in the UK, has issued a statement regarding the various health benefits of taking a steam shower. The first benefit is that it improves blood circulation in the same way as some aerobic exercises. This is because the heart rate increases by as much as 30, which almost doubles the amount of blood pumped by the heart. As the blood flow is boosted, more nutrients and oxygen are transferred throughout the body.

It also cleanses the skin very thoroughly. Normal showers take off only what’s on the surface, but the steam opens the pores and makes people sweat. This really flushes out the grease and dirt. In addition, the high humidity also hydrates the skin very well. There is also evidence that this type of shower relieve acne. This is a welcome relief for many who tend to be allergic to acne medication.

Research has also indicated that a steam shower can improve the immune system. When the immune system fights of a disease, often this results in a fever. The increased temperature is the human body’s natural defense. With a shower of this type, an artificial fever environment is achieved, and this helps the immune system become more effective in dealing with germs.

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