keyboard_arrow_up Says David Cameron Should Allow Parents to Take Children out of School for a Holiday

With the high cost of living and High Holiday prices, a popular airport parking comparison site has warned David Cameron needs to abolish a ban on parents taking their children out of school., who helps holidaymakers save money by comparing all airport car parking prices, has said millions of people have suffered enough since the last general election and now David Cameron to give something back.

Since the last General Election, when a rich David Cameron, who does not understand the meaning of a last minute holiday deal, got the keys to Number 10 Downing Street, millions of families have struggled. Unlike David Cameron, who enjoys luxury holidays, millions of families due to the high cost of living and his bright ideas of making a stronger economy at their expense, cannot afford to go on holiday. One of the many reasons why parents are struggling to take their children on holiday is down to the ban on taking a child out of education during term time.

Travel companies increase their prices when children are not in school, which makes it much more expensive for parents to afford a holiday. Many children do not know what it's like to go on holiday thanks to the ban. However, by lifting the ban, David Cameron could slightly increase his popularity while at the same time allowing children to enjoy a holiday with their parents.

A spokesman for said: "Parents should be allowed to take their children out of school for at least one week a year without the risk of a fine."

It's not just that believe parents should be able to take their children out of school during term time for a family holiday. Millions of parents agree, thousands of teachers agree, and also many MPs and councillors also agree the ban needs to be relaxed. explained that holidays are much cheaper during term time, which means parents can get a good deal on a holiday. However, due to the ban, parents are missing out on great deals, which means they and their children have to miss out on an annual family holiday.

At the present moment, if a parent takes a child out of school for a holiday the local council are notified, even though many schools do not agree with the policy. The council is then obliged to fine the parents and enforce legal proceedings, even though many councillors believe the ban is a silly idea.

Parents who ignore the ban are forced to pay £60 per child, and if they do not pay the fine within 21 days it then increases to £120. Those parents who fail to pay the fine could then face prosecution where they could face a maximum fine of £2,500 or a prison sentence of up to three months.

The ban, which was brought in by former Education Secretary Michael Grove, who can afford to pay high prices for a family holiday, has proved to be very unpopular. According to and other travel experts, the ban should be abolished or relaxed. Before the ban, parents could keep their children out of school for up to 10 days, which allowed them to take advantage of cheap holidays.

David Cameron, who has admitted he knows travel companies put up their prices when children are not in school, said he has sympathy for parents who are left struggling financially. The man who plenty of people are hoping gets booted out of Number 10 at the next General Election and finds himself at the jobcentre on one of his schemes, could remove the ban or relax it.

A spokesman for said, "We are asking for David Cameron to give something back after all the misery of the last five years. By removing the ban or giving head teachers the discretion to allow parents to take their children out of school for seven days, could bring happiness to millions of children and parents lives." who helps holidaymakers save money on airport car parking by comparing all the prices available, believe the Prime Minister popularity could increase. If David Cameron relaxed the ban, it could help him avoid packing up all his belongings and moving out of Number 10 at the next General Election many travel experts believe.

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