Overcoming Incredible Odds, Motivational Speaker Chis’mere Mallard Inspires Students And Fellow Entrepreneurs To ‘Quit Quitting’

Determined to “Rise and Grind” Rather Than “Rise and Whine,” The Texas Based Business Owner Is a Certified Speaker Training Coach With Leadership Expert John Maxwell and Platinum Speaker With Les Brown

McAllen, TX – February 10, 2016 - Overcoming a childhood full of hardships that included being raised without a father and the stigma of being labeled a “slow learner” in school, Chis’mere (pronounced “Shimere”) Mallard had finally gotten his life on track, following a successful stint as a personal trainer with a solid, growing career as a rep for a small pharmaceutical company. At one point, he found the perfect balance working both gigs at the same time.

When he got laid off along with half the sales force after three years, Chis’mere remembered a catchy inspirational phrase that motivated him earlier in his life which he now uses when he speaks to groups of fellow entrepreneurs: “I developed a mentality of ‘Rise and Grind’ rather than ‘Rise and Whine.’” 

Thinking metaphorically about a rubber band which is only valuable when it’s stretched, he decided it was time to stretch himself and tap into his longtime entrepreneurial mindset. He searched for a dynamic pharma product that he could promote on his own. He began with a specialized pain cream and soon picked up other products on his way to developing his thriving company CLS – named for his three young children Chis’mere, Jr., Lola and Samuel.

“I chose this name to remind me when I wake up every day of the legacy I want to leave for my children,” he says. “I know that if I prosper, my family prospers.”

Launched in 2013, CLS Devices, LLC grew quickly, teaming up with another company promoting orthopedic implants, pharmaceuticals, and different types of diagnostic tests for surgeons and primary care physicians, staring in the region of Chis’mere’s home of McAllen, TX and quickly expanding with a building sales force throughout the country.

            While developing his career as an entrepreneur, he has also been developing his innate skills as an inspirational storyteller and motivational speaker – including on the pulpit as a minister of Door of Hope church in Edinburg, TX for the past five years.

            His passion for sharing his zest for life and positive attitude by motivating others to achieve success has made him an invaluable asset as a speaker to students of all ages at schools and colleges. His success as an entrepreneur has translated naturally to more engagements to young aspiring entrepreneurs of like mind. Schools he has spoken at include the Covenant Christian Academy and South Texas College. His most recent entrepreneur-filled engagement was a group at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. His success on this circuit – and his goal to expand to one-on-one coaching – has led to the creation of his life coaching and inspirational speaking company Chis’mere Mallard, LLC.

            While currently a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with Author and Leadership Expert John Maxwell and Les Brown, Chis’mere has his sights set on bringing his own unique message to the masses with his first book, Quit Quitting. One of his themes is a discussion of why people quit when they’re frustrated by failure on their first attempt – often a result of naysayers telling them their goals are too big to achieve. The author’s call to action is about how to effectively “quit quitting,” how to refuse to give up and the importance of developing a success-oriented mindset that flows from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

            “In a nutshell, my purpose is about four essential things,” he says. “While some leave liabilities, I want to leave a legacy. Second, I aim to inspire others to pursue their dreams with passion. Third is entrepreneurship, growing my own businesses so that I can use my knowledge and experience to help others grow theirs. Finally, I am dedicated to giving back at all costs. Philanthropy ties in with my overall mission to inspire people. Behind all of those principles is the power of faith in my life. Whether you are a person of faith or not, you have to believe you can accomplish what you set out to. You have to rely on your passion, dreams and your WHY – as in, Why are you doing this? Everything comes down to faith and purpose.”

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