Editor from Professional lace wig online seller will tell you the detailed information about popular hair weaving

China – What is hair weave? Some beauties are unfamiliar with this strange word. However, the hair weave belong to the wig products which could be used as the accessory for people’s hair. Now, beauties should know something about the function of this wig product. Don’t worry. The editor from website will let beauties learn the detailed knowledge about this lovely stuffy that could let girls enjoy the lovely hair style. The application of the hair weave should be directly connecting, making hair clips and hair caps.

The first knowledge point should be the distinguishing of the hair weave. According to the workmanship of hair weave production, the hair weave could be divided into the Hand-woven hair weave and Machine-woven hair weaves. Depending on the difference of material, this product could be divided into the human hair weaving, chemical fiber hair weave and the mixed hair weave (human hair and chemical fiber). Beauty could browse website to look their favored hair weaving products. Big discount is waiting for you.

For the color of hair weave, it has the deep colors that classification is 1# and 1B#, brown color (2#,4#,6#,8#), light color (22#,24#,60#,613#,white), CRAZY color which mainly refers to red, blue, green and others.

Another factor relate with the curvature of the hair weaving. From the hair weft products which sold by, the curvature of their hair weaving products could be concluded into the straight hair and curly hair. In general, the curly hair has a lot of curvature such as BODY WAVE, CURLY, ITALIAN WAVE and so on. All beauties should pay more attention to this point in purchasing of these products.

After the description of the curvature of the hair weave, the length of the hair weave should be another attentively point for most of lace wig lovers. The length of the hair weave could be ranged from 8 ” to 40 ” and even longer or shorter. Under normal circumstances, the length range 18 ” to 24 ” should be the most favorite length for female friends. If you have some special requirements for the hair length, no problem, the professional online seller will try their best to meeting with your need.

The commonly weigh of the hair weave is typically 100 gram per piece. Of course, there are also 113 gram hair weave for some countries’ beauties. In addition to above two weigh, girls could also get their favored weight by detailed communication with the customer service of

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