Entertainment Industry Experts Share Tips & Tools during Free ‘ENTERTAINMENT DREAM CAREER SUMMIT’ on May 1-2, 2015


LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2015) – Entertainment industry experts will share practical tips and tools to help you accomplish your dream career during the ENTERTAINMENT DREAM CAREER SUMMIT on May 1-2, 2015. (

This special, free two-day online Tele-Summit event will offer eight master classes covering several areas, including goal-setting and strategy, social media, financial well-being, and more.

The event is the brainchild of SHAWN TOLLESON, CEO of Strategy Coaching & Entertainment Industry Career Coach, who was looking for a way to help other creative professionals move their careers forward. Tolleson explains, “Once you’ve got your training as an artist, building your career involves business savvy. You need to bring the same kind of focus to it that you bring to your art. That’s why I put together an opportunity to get practical tools for the business side of your career—PR, social media, goal-setting and strategy, branding, financial wellness and more.”

The roster of industry experts includes:

EMILY BEST, CEO & Founder of Seed&Spark on Audience-Building & Crowdfunding.
SAM CHRISTENSEN, Renowned Personal Branding Expert on Identifying Your Brand.
SIGNE OLYNYK, CEO & Founder of the Great American PitchFest on the 5 Keys to a Great Pitch.
TONY HOWELL, CEO & Founder of Creative Social Media on Social Media Strategy.
TAMMY LYNN, Head Publicist & Founder of Spotlight PR on PR Basics for Entertainment Industry Professionals.
MIATA EDOGA, CEO & Founder of Abundance Bound on Financial Well-Being.
KRISTINE OLLER, Change Strategist & Transformational Coach on How to Plug Your Energy Leaks.
• and SHAWN TOLLESON, Tele-Summit Host, CEO of Strategy Coaching & Entertainment Industry Career Coach on the 5 Keys to Your Career Jump Start.

These in-depth master classes are full of practical tools that creative professionals can use to accomplish their dream career right now!

For more Information or To Register for the free ENTERTAINMENT DREAM CAREER SUMMIT visit: