You may be cheated by the fraudsters related to the car insurance at three stages. One is when you buy cheap car insurance, second when you are driving and the third when there is a car crash with another car. It is important that you protect yourself in all these cases. Here are a few tips which can help you from falling a prey in the hands of these fraudsters.

When you plan to buy car insurance it is important that you don’t trust somebody who is a stranger and talks for your benefit. Don’t get affected by the schemes provided by the door to door salesmen, telesales, or advertisements. Never buy something which costs much less than what it should actually cost and what the rates are in the market. It might be a scam just in order to trap you. You would become aware of these cheatings only when you would apply for the claim settlement. Also keep in mind that you buy insurance only from that company and agent who are licensed.

There are a lot of planned car insurance frauds that happen on the highways commonly. Do not become a victim to it. There may be a case when a car goes down suddenly in front of you. It might be planned and you would have no choice but to follow it. Make sure that you trust your instincts in such cases and reach a safe spot ASAP. Note the details of the car and inform the cops.

If in case some car comes and crashes into your car, don’t just trust the driver when he says it was an accident. He may be planning a fraud. The first things you need to do are note down the details of the car and then check the papers of the driver. Also make sure that you clearly notice the number of people who were present in the car and take their details as well. Call the police and let them investigate the scene. Don’t just accept the offer of the cash that is offered to you by the people on the spot. Also make sure that you don’t accept their service to get your vehicle repaired. Along with this, also make sure that you don’t make the mistake of signing any blank forms.

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