IndoRummy announces Joyful July promotions for Rummy Lovers

Indian Rummy is one of the best online Indian rummy game sites. Indorummy always excites and motivates the players with varies promotions. It announces joyful July promotion for rummy lovers to enhance the players to win more money and have fun at indorummy from anywhere at anytime.

Indorummy increased the benefits of the promotions for this July month. This promotes the players to play more games and win more money. Indorummy updated the daily login and registering cash bonus promotions. Players can now get Rs.50 for just registering in and registered players will get Rs.25 merely by logging in daily after making their first deposit. This astonishing promotion gives a player a chance to develop their rummy skill and have a more challenging gaming experience with the world class players only at

Indorummy is the only online Indian rummy game site which providing more valuable promotions to the rummy lovers to make them feel the peek of their mood in online cash games. In this July month players can enjoy Joyful July with daily promotions also. These promotions provides the most valuable month for the players.

Majestic Monday promotion ensures a worth and valuable day. Players can marvel each Monday by enjoying 50% cash bonus on each and every deposit. One can get a cash bonus of up to Rs. 1,500 on their deposit.

Tuesdays Carnival are the days for the one who fears about losing their cash. Player can Claim a 20% Cash Back of their bet amount on their loss only on Tuesdays.

Wonderful Wednesday is a promotion in that player’s can get double rewards The player get 20 % cash bonus by winning highest amount in a day, all they have to do is play more cash games and be the highest cash Winner on that day.

Tantalizing Thursday is a promotion based on skill and talent of a player. Thursday is the true test of their rummy skills. Player must prove their mettle in forming rummy only with numbered cards in and take away the prize from indorummy. They can get 50% cash bonus on that day.

Fabulous Friday’s players can win at least one round by Producing Ace triplet or quadruplet and take away the reward from indorummy. They can get 50 % cash bonus on their bet amount.

Players can rejuvenate their weekend with a relishing cash bonus. On wagering for Rs. 5,000 or more, their account will straight away be credited with cash bonus of Rs. 500. All players with wagering of Rs 5000 and above are eligible to get Rs 500 cash bonus on that particular weekend.

These promotions provided by during this July month makes the players float on money with their own rummy skill.


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