Rasdale Stamps Announces Upcoming Live Auction August 20-21, 2016

Matthew Boley - Rasdale PR1 C7

The Rasdale Stamp Company will host a live stamp auction in their gallery on August 20th and 21st, the local Chicago area stamp collection company has announced. In addition to participating in person at their gallery in the Chicago area, interested parties will be able to participate remotely in the auction—in real time—in a variety of ways.

In their announcement of the auction, Rasdale has included their “Rasdale Live Auctions” option which will allow customers from all over the world to participate and bid via the internet in the live auction. Remote parties will bid simultaneously with liveP bidders. In addition to offering the remote bidding option, Rasdale’s announcement assures customers interested in participating remotely that they will also be able to communicate in real time with the auction administrator.

Registering for the auction, both to participate in person or online, can be accomplished through their website at the link provided below. After registration is complete, registrants are invited by Rasdale to contact their customer relations coordinator, whose contact information is also available on their website. From there, remote bidders will survey and decide which platforms they will utilize to participate in the auction. Rasdale Stamp Company communicates with remote bidders using an upgraded platform on their website as well as through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. The stamp company will also utilize these platforms to provide live updates to participating and interested parties during the auction from August 20-21.

The auction itself will be divided into two sessions and will include 1,623 lots from 123 different owners. Rasdale has confirmed several changes to the format of the auction relative to previous auctions. Among the changes are an extended window of time scheduled in to allow for interested parties to call in and speak with a Rasdale employee regarding a specific stamp lot of interest. Another change was announced that will affect the order in which lots are sold to accommodate the discrepancies between bidding in person and bidding on the internet.

The contents of the auction will include stamp singles and sets from the United States, Canada, British Commonwealth, Europe and Asia. Following the auction on August 20-21, their next auction is set for November 19th and 20th. A detailed explanation of the auction changes, the complete auction schedule and a listing of the auction’s stamp lots are all available at

The Rasdale Stamp Company was founded in 1932. It is the oldest family owned and operated stamp auction house in the United States. In addition to stamps, each of their auctions features other popular collectibles including coins. The auction house employs a research department and multiple experts in the field of collectibles, as well as several customer service representatives. The company also maintains an online store for the purpose of selling collectibles outside of its regularly scheduled auctions. Parties interested in learning more about the Rasdale Stamp Company, purchasing at an auction or selling their collection through a Rasdale auction are encouraged to contact the company through any medium using the contact information below.

Rasdale Stamp Company
Address: 35 Chestnut Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: (630) 794-9900
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