Declining growth projections in HDD market despite increased demand for inexpensive storage capacity

HDD devices are extensively used to store and retrieve data. It consists of one or more stiff rapidly rotating disks that are covered with magnetic material. These disks contains the magnetic heads that has the capability to read and write data to and from their surfaces. These devices act as secondary storage systems in computers and are classified as digital, magnetic, non-volatile, random access, and data storage devices. There are basically two kinds of HDD, internal and the external wherein the internal is placed inside the computer and makes do with the user’s software and personal files, the external resides outside the computer and can be used when the internal HDD memory does not have sufficient storage capacity.

As per the HDD market trend, the market will see miniaturization of HDDs and the incorporation of HDDs with more storage capacity. Various market vendors have already started developing HDDs with these reduced sizes and are also increasing the area density of HDDs, which leads to the reduction of form factors from 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch. Therefore, now one can expect hard drives smaller, denser and with improved performance. To cite an instance, 500 HDD capacity has now been increased to 640 GB, retaining the form factor of 3.5 inch. Similarly, the 320 GB HDD capacity has been increased to 375 GB, retaining the form factor of 2.5 inch.

Despite all the innovations in the market, the hard drive industry analysis stated that the industry experienced slow growth in 2013. Despite the declining industry revenues, because of tight controls of inventory, the price declines have been moderate and the profitability forecasts have actually been favorable for the HDD companies. Furthermore, as the need for inexpensive storage capacity grows, the market is expected to see a CAGR of 0.13 percent over the period 2013-2018.

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