Just when you thought the American Dream was dead here come Francis Nzeutem’s story

A new captivating and motivating memoir has been released in the market. The book titled From the Streets to Wall Street is written by Francis Nzeutem.


From the Streets to Wall Street is an honest unique story of a Frenchman with African roots who becomes a successful American businessman. In this compelling memoir, Francis experiences the cultures of three continents, embraces the empowering message of old-school political rap music, and puts the past behind him to create a better future for himself and his family.


Francis Nzeutem had a rough and difficulty childhood, his parents left impoverished Cameroon for a new life in France before he was born, but they carried the cultural baggage of their homeland with them. Francis’s father beat his children and wife mercilessly, and his mother was powerless to help herself or her kids. Francis studied to earn his father’s approval, but years of abuse left him a rebellious, angry young man. He joined a Parisian gang, and his future looked grim.


Just when his future was looking so grim, Francis awoke to reality, the   visits to Cameroon and the United States would awaken an unquenchable thirst for success. Francis moved to America, married a lovely woman, and started a family. He pushed himself professionally and academically, working his way up the corporate ladder and earning two degrees. Through it all, he rebelled against the tyranny he’d experienced as a child. His own children, he swore, would never fear their father.

From the Streets to Wall Street is an inspiring story, one that gives hope to many who have had a rough start. It gives hope to all the children who have had abusive childhood, it informs them that they can rise above all that and become successful people. Francis is an inspiration to many, an example that the American dream is still alive. A great indication that one can make it against all the odds, all that is required is behavior and attitude change, be focused and aim for the best. Through sheer grit, the kid from the Paris streets found success on Wall Street and became the kind of father he always wished he’d had.


About the Author

Francis Nzeutem was born in Paris; his parents were Cameroonian immigrants to France. Although his parents escaped poverty in Cameroon, they brought with them the culture baggage, his father was abusive and her mother was submissive, this is something that affected Francis childhood leading him to delinquency. A visit to Cameroon and subsequent immigration to United States in his early twenty would create a new Francis, one who was determined to succeed. It is while in United States, that he lived his American dream; he studied hard and attained two degrees married a beautiful wife and got two children. He escaped his father’s brutal shadow and went on to work his way to corporate success in an amazing example of the American dream realized. An avid marathon runner, he’s competed in the Antarctic and Great Wall of China marathons. He’s the founder of a successful consulting firm, Juju Consulting Group. Francis and his ex-wife have two children

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