WET BLANKET – A Party Ruining Game By Binary Cocoa

Rexburg, ID, (August 24th 2016) – Wet Blanket is a tabletop card game where players try to ruin a central party by having everyone go to their own individual parties instead. Employ a series of devious disaster cards to achieve this goal and become the ultimate party pooper!

A crowd funding campaign has started for Wet Blanket on Kickstarter. The funding goal is to bring in at least $2,200 within a month. In order to make that goal before    the game is officially available, Wet Blanket can    be ordered via Kickstarter. There are nine    different rewards for “backers” of    this game.    

Gameplay The game starts    out with a central party consisting    of eight people cards. Each    player is dealt four cards that are    either    event    cards,    food cards, music cards or    veto cards. The will use these cards to cause awkward    situations that drive    people    away from the central party (in favor of the player’s party) or return people to the central party from their opponent’s parties. The player with the most people in their own party when the game is    finished wins.    

Exclusive Kickstarter Offers Backers of our Kickstarter campaign can receive the standar 108 card deck. Additionally, upper tiers provide ways for people to have their likeness used on variety of cards, receive the standard deck and the expansion deck, or to have exclusive Wet Blanket t-shirts.    

WET BLANKET – Become the ultimate party pooper! Watch our Wet Blanket video on Kickstarter.

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