9 Cloud Tools To Improve CAD Collaboration

Most of you are using the cloud daily in your personal and professional lives. But it’s not only for personal files, and it’s not just a feature baked into the latest version of your CAD suite.

There are many other useful cloud-based tools (some CAD and some non-CAD) that you can use to yield better work, irrespective of your industry type.
How many people are in your design team?
Are they all in the same office or are they spread across the country or even across the world?
As the first and only full-cloud CAD system, Onshape can help your design team amazingly improve collaboration in numerous ways. Though there are many other CAD tools.

This article will help you find out why it is important to keep your head in the cloud:
The new partner of 3Dconnexion is the only full-cloud 3D CAD system. The entire team can access designs on any device  say it be desktop or mobile and simultaneously make edits that everyone is aware to in real time.
You can also be able to quickly share designs with teammates and vendors, even those without CAD software, as well as get a feedback, answer queries and approve faster changes.

GrabCAD Workbench
This allows the team to work on their latest CAD files and avoid work duplication. It keeps record of file versions and updates the team when a new is created. Conversations are kept with the file, so don’t need to find it in your email, allowing you to get input from everyone to keep the CAD project moving. And, even those without CAD software can easily review designs.

A collaboration tool with no required training. Share documents and easily track and give feedback and reviews. You decide with whom to share your files with by modifying permissions. And there are multi packages for teams of various sizes.

With Hackpad, you can create an online “pad” and invite users to share the data and files, allowing you to take notes, edit documents and comment in real-time. Hackpad records each note by author and labels them by color. It’s been called the “best wiki ever” and a pretty lightweight tool for the teams.

Additional Project Management Tools
You can take control of your projects with even more tools that have collaborative features like file sharing and commenting:
Basecamp helps your project team on the same page by giving tasks, commenting and sharing the files.
Huddle helps share ideas, work on documents and manage projects with teams within and outside your organization.
Sharepoint helps you once place to store and share files and easily collaborate with your team.

Additional File Sharing Tools
Perfect for sharing files (e.g. documents, photos, spreadsheets  but not big CAD files) with global teams, these services keep your documents and files in the cloud. You can collaborate using any device with these tools:

Google Drive safely stores and share files that you can access on any device.
Dropbox  helps you access your files from anywhere and sync them with all your devices.

Increase Your Productivity
Why not download  online The CAD Professional’s Guide to Lightning-Fast R&D, comprising of  30+ pages of tips, expert advice, making principles and tool recommendations to supercharge your design operations.

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