Batteries in the mobile power supply could be mainly divided into two sorts

America - For each digital products lover, the battery external power bank should be very necessary for them. With the help of these power supplying products, these lovers could charge their multiple digital products and other sorts of entertainment products continuously for long period of time. It could help people solve the problem of Non-charging of digital product when they are in business travel and could not find preferable place for battery charging. However, most of consumer should not know that the battery in the related mobile power supplying products such as onite s5 battery charger could be mainly divided into two sorts. Today, the editor from Inc which is famous online seller for these mobile battery charging products will introduce with people two mainly batteries of this product.

The first kind of battery in the related mobile power supply is the ordinary lithium cell battery. The advantages of the ordinary lithium cell battery could be concluded as below. Because relatively long development period of this battery, the price of this battery is very low and then the price of the related mobile power supply is also very low. However, there are also some cons of this battery. First, there are many lithium cell batteries are the reproduced products from the old products. Second, the rate of problem and failure for this sort of battery is very high. The main disadvantages of this battery should be heavy weight, short service life and risk of explosion. Although more and more mainstream mobile power supplies have gradually phased out thus batteries, there are many mobile cell phone still use this sort of battery. However, in the coming days, the ordinary lithium batteries will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

The second sort should be the polymer battery which is also called lithium-ion battery. The power supply product onite samsung galaxy s5 battery charger from use this kind of battery as the core part. Based on different electrolyte materials of lithium-ion batteries, batteries can be divided into liquid lithium-ion battery which could be referred to LIB and lithium-ion polymer battery which could be referred to LIP. Materials of cathode and anode of two different kinds of lithium-ion batteries could be the same. The material of cathode material can be divided into lithium cobalt, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate ternary materials. The material of anode is graphite. On the other hand, the working principle of two sorts of lithium-ion batteries is basically the same.

The main difference between these two lithium-ion batteries lies in the type of electrolyte. The liquid lithium ion battery use one kind of liquid electrolyte and lithium ion polymer batteries use the solid polymer electrolyte. If people want to know more information about the mobile power bank, please visit the website below

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