Wood Versus Metal – Advantages and Disadvantages

Currently, wooden doors and steel doors and even custom cabinets Almont MI could be used as exteriors, and both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. As such, you’ll be able to make a good choice between these two once you have a good idea of what these doors could offer you.


Wooden doors have been, as they say, the forefather of all doors with it being one of the oldest and most traditional materials used for doors. Its primary characteristics include a solid, heavy weight material with artistic designs especially when it’s custom-made, and also offers reliability that could span for decades. The good thing about wood is that it had been tried and tested for centuries, and people have grown accustomed to wood being used as a door material. Its pure beauty can be molded (or carved) to suit your tastes, and its consistency provides a solid, secure feeling with the addition of having with flexibility with designer hardware installation and attachment.


However, while these characteristics make wood shine, it has some inherent weaknesses that could somehow dampen these advantages. If the wooden door is subjected to constant stress and action, its hinges might become worn out much faster. This might pose some safety issues which would require you to replace the hinges or, in extreme cases, the entire door completely. Now, if you’re leaving on a certain location where extreme weather conditions are rampant, you might find yourself noticing that the paint, varnish or urethane finish on your wooden door wears out faster. This is because wooden doors are susceptible to depredations brought about by the climate, which would require regular refinishing.



Metal doors offer consistency while saving you more money because they’re much cheaper than their wooden counterparts. The reason for this is that they’re specifically designed and manufactured to perfectly fit your door frame, and for that, the hinges attached to the door are not susceptible to wear and tear from repeated action. As for security, metal doors are enough to discourage intruders from breaking in since their locks are not easily removed or broken.


Its main downside is appearance, since they don’t really offer any sort of aesthetic designs or finishes unlike wooden doors. What metal doors need is priming and is finished only with a solid color. Unlike wood, they don’t need staining nor have any grain designs to speak of. They also don’t have the flexibility to have an installed designer hardware or placement.


Basically, these two materials are a great option. They have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s up to you to weigh in sides and pick the material that will best meet your needs.