Libbey Crafts Millennial-Inspired Tasting Experience

The Millennial generation’s preference for exploring and sampling a variety of foods and drinks is influencing restaurateurs’ approach to menu development and food and beverage service. To cater to this desire for choice and selection, Libbey Foodservice® has introduced serving flights and accompanying glassware, allowing customers to experience a mixture of different wines, beers, spirits or desserts in one sitting.

“Some generational influences go mainstream and snacking is one of them. Customers are moving away from full meals and gravitating to sampling a variety of food and beverage pairings,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “The wood serving flight and its accompanying glassware tasters allow customers to experiment anything from craft beers to savory desserts, expanding and elevating the tasting experience in a customizable fashion.”

According to Sphere Trending, approximately 40 percent of Millennials report ordering something different every time they visit a restaurant.

Libbey’s wood serving flight is adaptable to a wide range of tasting options. The four distinct wells allow customers to sample multiple food and beverage tastings at a time, adding a fun and experimental feel to the tabletop. The flight’s paddle shape and handle help servers deliver the tasting portions to the table with ease.

Restaurateurs and bartenders can pair the wood serving flight with a variety of glassware possibilities. The stemless taster wine glasses allow customers to try a mix of distinct pours. Similarly, Libbey’s selection of beer and spirit samplers offers the right tasting glass for any selection of craft beer or local spirits. The flight also fits small culinary jars, expanding the tasting experience beyond beverages to a mixture of dessert samples as well.