Fastrack Entertainment Offers Stunning Realism with Miniature NASCAR Racing Games

US - March 28, 2014. Fastrack Entertainment, the leading provider of micro-reality racing games, continues its dominance in the industry by providing amazing realism in its miniature car race entertainment system. Offered as a special treat for festivals, trade shows (especially car shows), conventions, and corporate events, these miniature racing games have become the darling in the event circuit.

Many special functions have become truly special events when customized miniature NASCAR models make their appearance at the mini race car track. On the oval speedway track, the model cars can achieve scales speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. The realism of the action has to be seen to be believed.

Cars can spin out at high speed, after many instances of rubbing and bumping against each other. The crashes (one of the main reasons why people watch NASCAR) are spectacular, and they can come one after another. Since it seems real, the excitement everyone feels is absolutely authentic. The adrenalin that flows through players and spectators is real as well. The only difference is here is that when a crash occurs, no one really gets hurt, and that can be a relief as well.

With Fastrack Entertainment, customers, participants, and spectators no longer need to go to NASCAR. Now the NASCAR racing games can come to them.

About Fastrack Entertainment

The sole focus of Fastrack Entertainment is providing dependable and realistic race car track experience for players and spectators alike. Since it was founded in 1998, its customers have expressed universal satisfaction in the experience they provide. They personally attend and manage all their events, so that their knowledge of the equipment can guarantee unbridled wholesome fun for all participants. For more information, simply visit their website at for more information.

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