Massage Chair Magic - 5 health benefits to using a massage chair!

The residents at Warm Valley Lodge are delighted about the new Massage chair offering anytime massage with positive effects to both physical and mental health. Residents are testing the settings that suit them and relaxing from head to toe!
The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society recommend massage as a way to alleviate chronic pain. Massage helps to soothe aching muscles, relax the body and relieve tension.
5 health benefits of using a Massage Chair as reported by US Medical Supplies
1. It aligns the spine and reduces pressure on nerves. A reclining chair reduces pressure on the spine by supporting the back in a horizontal position. Major nerves run through the vertebrae to peripheral areas of the body including hands, feet, fingers and toes.
2. It relaxes your muscles and helps you to maintain good posture. Massage chairs target specific muscles and use several kinds of strokes to relieve pain. As muscles relax, imbalances are corrected. Relaxed muscles allow the body to move with increased mobility.
3. It relieves stress. Stress affects not only mental well-being; it has a physiological impact on health as well. Stress may cause sleeplessness, poor appetite or high blood pressure. Alleviating stress reduces levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, which helps to control blood pressure.
4. It improves your circulation. Increased circulation promotes healing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs and removes toxins. Constricted, tense muscles can constrict blood flow. The Mayo Clinic reports that some studies suggest that the immune system is strengthened by massage.
5. It stimulates the body's secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help to reduce the perception of pain and lessen the effects of stress. Endorphins create a feeling of well-being and enhance immune response.
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