Fast Company Co.Create: Frank Sinatra Is Back And Selling His Own Brand Of Jack Daniel's Whiskey

By Jeff Beer

Frank Sinatra is credited with one of the great quotes on booze: “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they are going to feel all day.”

The legendary entertainer was almost as famous for his lifestyle as he was for the blue eyes and songs and apparently his favorite drink was Jack Daniel's. He called it the "nectar of the gods." They say he's even buried with a bottle of the stuff. Now the brand and agency Arnold Worldwide are launching a new $2.3 million ad campaign to promote Jack's upscale "Sinatra Select."

"Since Frank's friendship with the brand--and our longtime salesman Angelo Luchessi--has been around since the '50s we've often honored Mr. Sinatra with special personal bottles and other tokens of friendship," says Jack Daniel's senior brand manager Matt Blevins. "About five years ago we began talking with the Sinatra family and, approaching his 100th birthday and reflecting on his legacy to culture and our brand, it felt like the time was right to craft a whiskey that would suitably honor Sinatra."

So how did JD capture the essence of Frank in a bottle? "Our Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and his team used carefully hand crafted barrels with the addition of deep grooves that gives the whiskey a special character full of rich spice notes and an extra smooth classic vanilla finish," says Blevins.

And at 90 proof and $150 a bottle, it might even help you cure that cold.

Article first published at Fast Company Co.Create.