10 B2B Sales Trends That Will Dominate 2016

One of the trickiest aspects of being a salesman is to identify the trends and get to it first before competition catches up. 

To give you a heads up, here are the top ten B2B sales trends that we anticipate for 2016. 

1. Data-driven 

Like the past few years, 2016 is also likely to be driven heavily by data. This year though, the emphasis will be higher than the previous years because the decision-making window has greatly reduced. A study by SiriusDecisions shows that 79 percent of decision-makers opined that their decision-making window has shrunk a lot over the last two years. As a result, more proactive actions based on data is need of the day. 

2. Platform for sales development 

Having a platform for sales development can make the difference for your ROI and we anticipate that 2016 will see demand for even more of such platforms. The last few years have seen the importance of these platforms, and the future is likely to make them more sophisticated and intelligent. In this sense, 2016 is likely to be a defining year for this trend. 

3. Predictive sales 

Sales analytics solutions that provide predictive analysis will be a huge trend this year. These solutions are likely to come up with actionable sales forecasts and strategies that will make it easier for the sales team to execute. 

4. Solidifying tool sets 

Already, mobile apps have played important roles in the mobile revolution. An average person today comes into contact with multiple apps on a daily basis. And with the help of companies like Magora iOS developers, every smart business is threading the path of mobile app creation.

This year is likely to see the sales and marketing teams integrating their applications, ranging from CRM and fishbowl inventory to predictive analysis to content library, to give both teams a bird's eye view of the changing business dynamics. Further, it helps both departments to tap into each other's skills and content. 

5. Content is the king 

Content will continue to be the king in 2016 too, as more sales and marketing teams are looking for the best-quality content that will set them apart in a crowded market. 

6. Social selling 

Social media will have a larger role to play this year due to the corporate trend of making social channels an integral part of the sales and marketing processes. Already, most major companies have a big presence on social media, and this is likely to get bigger this year. 

7. Digital reputation 

With more people taking to the Internet and social media, digital reputation will be one of the key aspects that companies would look to improve. To this end, the sales team is expected to do everything they can to show the company in positive light. 

8. Customer experience 

Customer experience is expected to be a trending topic for 2016. As a result, more effort will be taken to not just communicate with prospective customers, but also to make it easy for them to find a company and do business with it. If you cater to an audience a large section of which doesn't speak English, think of how you could serve them better in their language. Could you have dialogues in Spanish, French, Arabic, etc. with them? You just need to configure the language choice based on the user's location, preferences and history of interaction with your website.

9. Video features 

This year, more companies are expected to showcase their products and communicate with customers using videos. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are already cashing in on this trend. 

10. Newsjacking 

Newsjacking is the art of using news story to sell your products, and this is expected to be a huge deal this year. 
We hope these trends help to align your sales strategies better.