Best cancer treatment with no or negligible side-effects

Cayman Island- 28th March, 2014: cancer is one of the dreaded diseases associated with number of complications and suffering. Experts say that cancer can be cured and treated, but the current cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and other radiations are associated with number of side effects. Thanks to Perseus PCI vaccine, a best alternative to traditional treatment relieves the patient from harmful side effects. To know more about Perseus PCI vaccine, logon to

Many patients are bedridden and dye due to these side effects rather than cancer disease. But the latest technology developed by the eminent bio-medical scientists, helps people to take cancer treatment without any side effects. The advanced cancer treatment is based on self immunotherapy where in patients tissues and cells are used for treatment. Uniqueness of this treatment is that it is devoid of foreign particles that cause severe side effects. During this treatment, patient’s molecular profile is used to activate immune system against the malignant cells. The novel personalized immunotherapy vaccine utilizes the information from malignant cells and trains the body immune system on how to fight against cancer.  

About Perseus PCI vaccine

This noble vaccine is invented by eminent scientist and entrepreneur, DR. Thomas E. Wagner.  He is a world renowned biomedical scientist known for significant biomedical inventions. He is the pioneer in developing transgenic technology and principle partner in gene expression studies. He has served as scientific advisor for W.H.O & published over 250 papers & books on biomedical technology with over 50 patents.  This vaccine arms the body’s immune system to wipe out malignant cells with patients own T-cells with life time immunity against a particular malignancy.

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