The popular Cats Toy, Bird Catcher PRO EX Is On Special Offer From Amazon At Just $29.95

The Bird Catcher Pro Ex, which is a Fully Extendable and Retractable Feather Cat Teaser Wand with BONUS Storage Bag plus Two Ultra Guinea Fowl Feather Refills Replacement Feathers, is available for a limited time on Amazon at a discounted price of just $29.95


As every cat owner knows cats love their toys, as long as they are high quality toys that keep them amused and entertained and do not break after two minutes like a lot of cat toys do.   Pets Can Play, Inc. is one of the beigest names in the development of cat’s toys, and as such when cat owners buy their products they know they are receiving a product that will last.  The latest product to come from the houses of Pets Can Play, Inc., is Bird Catcher PRO EX, which has quickly become a huge hit with cats.


For a limited time only, Bird Catcher PRO EX is available from Amazon ( at a discounted price of only $29.95, but as a spokesman for Pets Can Play, Inc has revealed, this special price is only available for a short period, meaning cat owners who want a quality popular toy for their little friend need to hurry to grab themselves a deal. 


The Bird Catcher PRO EX is an upgrade to the Bird Catcher Pro Feather Cat Toy, which was very popular with cats and their owners. Owners of cats who have bought the latest version have posted positive reviews on the internet, where they have said it is effective in providing stimulation for their pet cats.

The new and improved version which has all the original features that made it popular, which include two real feather refills, storage bag and professional grade fiberglass rod, now features the first ever fully extendable (3 feet) and retractable pole (8 inches).


The Bird Catch PRO EX has received five star reviews on Amazon, which include: My cat and I both love this toy! and Finally! Feathers on a wand that my cats don't destroy in a day! As well as, Get this & forget the rest!!!, which shows the Pets Can Play, Inc., have done it again and made another quality product that cats love.


"Our goal was to take the PRO version to the next level," said Jeremy Rose of Pets Can Play, Inc., "and the storage bag plus original features make this toy the best option for cat toys on and the world! These interactive cat toys absolutely make the incredible interactive toys for your cat. The Bird Catcher Pro EX makes the perfect gift for the cat lover in the family."

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The Bird Catcher PRO EX! Fully Extendable & Retractable Feather Cat Teaser Wand with BONUS Storage Bag + Two (2) Ultra Guinea Fowl Feather Refills Replacement Feathers! Addictive Interactive Cat Toys For Cats (Both Kittens Older Felines). Cat Training Aids, Cat Exercise = Cat Weight Loss! Like Go Cat Toys Da Bird Cat Toy Wand Cat Toys BEST Cat Products

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