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Miami, USA, 17th February 2014: Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct or reconstruct the shape of the nose. This is performed in case the nose is damaged or an individual has problem breathing due to some blockage. Sometimes it is also performed for merely cosmetic reasons where it is possible for the patient to decide how his/her nose would like.

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Though the Rhinoplasty surgery can be painful and result in bruising or swelling that may last for a couple of days or weeks. Speaking to the Rhinoplasty physician who performed the surgery can assist in reducing the pain and suffering caused due to the surgery. There could be a number of tests that may need to be conducted before the procedure. The physician should be acquainted with the patient’s medical history to ensure the right treatment. Things become easy to deal with, with a well-qualified and reputed surgeon who understands his patients and discuss a personalized plan during the consultation to ensure the right treatment is provided.

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