Sunbows Replacement Projector Lamps for Stage Lighting Come at Cheaper Prices Albeit with Better Quality

Hong Kong, China - Sunbows, a stage-lighting research and manufacturing firm that has got years of market presence and a disparate range of lighting products to sell, offers replacement projector lamp at OEM prices, but with far better quality. According to the manufacturers, their lean manufacturing model, careful selection of appliances and technologies and use of latest technologies help them produce top-line replacement projector lamps that are ideal for any stage or any big event.

“A lamp is the key component part of any stage projector. We use either DLP or LCD lamps so that the projector’s work-life can be extended. A square or plastic plate can be seen on the outer part of the projector, which is usually placed at the projector’s bottom. One can also find it on the top or at the sides depending on which model he has bought from us. We secure the cage in its place with the help of two screws”, an insider briefly explained the build mechanism of the original projector lamps and systems that they offer.

Apart from lamps manufactured in the Guangzhou factory of Sunbows, the company also sells branded projector lamps to their customers at attractive prices. Projector lamps from ACER, 3M, BARCO, BENQ, CANON, DELL, EIKI, EPSON, HITACHI, INFOCUS, JVC, MITSUBISHI and many other top brands are available through the trading website of Sunbows.

ELPLP54 , an Epson EX31 projector ready lamp from Sunbows, is this month’s product in focus. The manufacturers claimed that the ELPLP54 is an indigenously manufactured product that has a lamp life of 2000 hours and the lamp power is 160-200 watts. The lamp is compatible with a range of projector systems apart from Epson EX31. They said that this lamp has been manufactured in compliance with all the standard specifications.

“Though we are a leading stage lighting system manufacturer in Chinese domestic market, 80% of our products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Africa, and to large parts of Asia. Our replacement projector lamps are cheaper than OEM lamps, but are superior in quality”, claimed the CEO and managing director of Sunbows.

About the Company

Sunbows Photronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong, China based electronics products manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

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