Walmart Upgrades van der Hagen Shave Sets and Soaps from Classic to Luxury

January, 2014 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – This winter, Walmart retailers nationwide will update the current Deluxe Shave Soaps and Premium Shave Sets by van der Hagen Enterprises, manufacturer of elite skincare and grooming products, to the upgraded Luxury line. For sevenyears, van der Hagen’s classic grooming supplies have been a premier specialty product for Walmart shoppers, and now for only $3.97 customers can purchase the new and larger Luxury Shave Soap, and for $24.97 customers can purchase the Luxury Shave Set and indulge in upgraded, elite features.

The enhanced Luxury Shave Set includes: a monogrammed, natural-boar shave brush, a classic monogrammed apothecary mug, a combination brush and razor stand, and a larger, hypo-allergenic scented shave soap.

“We’re beyond excited to introduce the van der Hagen Luxury line into Walmart stores nationwide; our newer Luxury Shave Sets include the best products available to ensure a perfect shaving experience,” said Marty van der Hagen, president of van der Hagen Enterprises. “With only the best ingredients, the upgraded shave soaps are 40 percent larger, and there’s no better shaving brush out there.”

With more than forty years experience, van der Hagen Enterprises has carried the title of the world’s premier manufacturer of personal care products. Its products include quality badger and boar bristle shave brushes, scented and unscented shave soaps, monogrammed shaving bowls, post-shave balms and lotions, face scrubs, and glycerin body soaps.

Walmart, a longtime partner and distributor of van der Hagen products, will carry the new Luxury Sets at around 2,500 stores nationwide and the Luxury Shave Soaps will be in approximately 3,000 stores.


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