Superior Doors Installation Solution by Windows Hawaii

Entryways and doorways not only help usher in the outdoors but also leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. One’s selection in choosing door installations could go a long way into giving one’s home the much needed facelift.

Windows Hawaii is a division of Northwest Exteriors which has 26 years of experience in redecorating homes. The Better Business Bureau has awarded it with an A+ rating. Many of its products and installations come with limited lifetime warranty. It has already completed 100,000 installations. It was added to the Northwest Exteriors family in 2007. Northwest Exteriors is based on five locations across California. The establishment employs staff trained in local knowledge and crew trained in installing doors, windows and siding. They offer both premium quality fibreglass and vintage style classic wooden doors to their customers.

“We offer both wood-clad as well as fibre glass entry doors” said the official spokesperson from Windows Hawaii, “which would give your home a luxurious feel with your exquisite artistry and fine craftsmanship. Not only would the harsh sun, salt and humidity damaging your interiors become a thing of the past but with our fibreglass doors you wouldn’t have to worry about cracking, split or peeling. Using low maintenance material fibreglass has five times the insulating properties of wood. Fibreglass is a far more durable alternative to wood or steel and this is one reason why it is the preferred choice of many of our customers. They can lend an elegant feel to your entryway, while in itself being completely energy efficient and easy to maintain. Besides giving you complete peace of mind about its durability you can also put to rest your fears about security threats since these doors are completely secure. Their scratch resistant nature and normal ability to withstand tough environmental and climate changes make them the obvious choice for you.”

Fibreglass doors are able in many variants nowadays. They can be produced to look exactly like wooden doors. This gives possibly gives them an added advantage over their other benefits. It is not hard to find a door which gives the feel of a wood grain finish while actually offering the durability and low maintenance effectiveness of fibreglass. Windows Hawaii has cashed in on this with their extensive range.

“Our fibreglass range is varied when it comes to doorways. Therma-Tru’s accugrain technology can replicate the grain of real wood and produce a perfect lookalike hardly discernible even by experts. Real wood finishing in actual fibreglass is a reality now. From American, Mahogany, to Rustic, Oak and Canvas the classic craft doors on offer come with the wood grain texture. This is for people looking for an ideal blend of the classic and the modern. For others there is the fibre-classic range in Mahogany and Oak. Our wooden door range is mainly based on the Simpson wood-clad entry doors. We offer custom made doors from the house of Simpson which come in many wood ranges and styles. These can also be fitted with glass styles. Even though we know the choice between the new age fibreglass and the more traditional wood can be tough we let our customers have complete freedom of choice. Since they know they have so many options available from Windows Hawaii they often take their pick based on their own idea of the dream home” further added the official spokesperson.

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About the Company

Windows Hawaii was added to the parent company, Northwest Exteriors in 2007, which has been in business for over 26 years with five locations though out California. The company also brings forth a wide range of choices among windows, doors, exterior siding, sunrooms and patios, walk-in bathtubs. It employs local crew and staff from Hawaii trained in installing windows, doors and siding.

Company Address

94-480 Akoki ST Unit 4

Waipahu, HI 96797-2733

Ph No: : 808-671-0808