Andhra Pradesh seems to have a chunk of Indian Rummy aficionado

India- 28th April, 2014- IndoRummy had launched an open contest were the participant will have to perform highest wagering amidst other players and transform themselves as a winner. The winner of this contest will be rewarded with a sparkling new car which will bear a worth of Rs. 10, 00,000. This promotion was open to players right from the moment the website was launched. The contestants have been wagering since 31st March, 2014 to cater their desire and with a hope of winning the car.

IndoRummy has shortlisted the players who are competing and are ranked high in terms of their wagering amount. The Top 5 player with highest wagering amount are listed below in a chronological order-

1st rank Pandu2457 from Andhra Pradesh

2nd rank Kumaranil from Andhra Pradesh

3rd rank Anitha45 from Andhra Pradesh

4th rank Chiran143 from Andhra Pradesh

5th rank Kedar from Andhra Pradesh

(Note: The ranks were determined on 19th April, 2014 and is subjected to change based on the players gaming behavior)

The above players are more likely to own a car and this does not rule out the possibility of other players in winning this contest. The final winner will be determined by IndoRummy at the end of the promotional period. The manager of IndoRummy promptly disclosed that the winner will be determined purely on the players wagering amount. The higher the wagering amount, the more likely he will get the car. The transaction records and logs will be continuously monitored by our back end team. At IndoRummy the players are requested to maintain clean gaming habits like holding only one account at IndoRummy, not engaging in any fraudulent activities that tamper the functioning of the game.

The above statistics prove that Andhra Pradesh is India’s treasure of rummy fanatics. Their interest in the world of 13 cards Indian Rummy has to be appreciated. The online version of the game has visualized drastic improvement over a period of time along with enhanced security of data.

The IndoRummy websites also houses many more exciting promotional contests involving the bounty of Diamond Necklace, Motor Bike and many more exhilarating cash bonuses. However IndoRummy expects players from other parts of the country too to be in the above mentioned top ranker’s list.