All you wanted to know about Animus

Our name ANIMUS reflects the character of our company, which means courage and intellect in Latin language, which we use as tools in delivering all your needs on the virtual platform in terms of designing websites that have the potential to look classy and professional and project your content and views in cost effective method.

We at Animus also undertake to offer you innovative branding solutions to ensure your product and services have a strong and unique identity, and ensure that there are maximum footfalls on your branding platform.

We have a team which is creative, crazy and tuned to the current trends in the market and we have a process which is arranging an evaluation meet with you at us. We then take the process to next level by implementing and initiating all the method and solutions to optimize your gains by effectively designing your website with detailed information relevant to your business, visuals which are eye catching, vibrant using fonts and backdrops, apply all our creative cells to create a winning environment on your webpage.

SEO is a tool, which is our constructive weapon which we use to make your presence felt on the virtual platform and ensure that it is constantly updated and well tuned, which facilitates the increase in the web traffic.

In the last years we have progressed by leaps and bounds, leaving our personalized touch on every assignment we have undertaken, we have the urge to challenge our creativity at every single platform which could be in the segment of Web designing, branding, creating logos and templates.

We are well aware about the dynamics of internet Marketing and would be your partner in aggressively promoting your brand, by using all the expertise and tools of e-marketing and initiate the process of getting your Domain registered, at a cost effective platform, and designed with simple and catchy words which are easily accessible on SEO tools.

We at Animus work as a team, which is formed by expert graphic designers, a technical programmer, a content developer, a photographer, a videographer, image consultants, branding managers, marketing geniuses, and then the creative inputs from all resources is pooled up to match your requirements.

We have a strong network of offices located in different cities of the United States, and we are always open for expansion in client base, and for us every single client is important who may a big timer or a small trader, because we are dedicated and committed to use the art of our craft and expertise to help you grow on the virtual platform, by designing customized websites with strong and effective SEO tools, branding your products and services with style and to make a impact of your identity, designing strong and catchy logos, be your partner in e marketing, registering your domain on an cost effective and highly optimized platform.

We have the courage, intellect and determination to rule the web world. If you wish to know more about us feel free to visit and get the latest and updated information of the myriad projects we have undertaken.