Intradiem Examines Customer Experience Impact on Cable Providers in Consumer-Driven Market

Intraday automation technology improves operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction helping cable companies gain competitive advantage

ATLANTA (June 18, 2014) – Intradiem, the leading provider of intraday automation solutions, has issued a review of the top customer experience challenges in the cable industry. As competition has increased over the past five years, customer service has emerged as a key competitive differentiator. Contact center leaders in this new era who can overcome these challenges will drive competitive advantage and deliver an improved customer experience.  

Three key challenges faced by contact center leaders in the cable industry include:

1. The customer retention play

As competition increases, customer retention has become critical. Many cable companies offer “triple plays” that bundle cable, phone and internet services for a low introductory rate. However, when the price increases at the end of the promotion, some customers start looking elsewhere for a better deal. This perceived commoditization of providers drives a higher need for skilled agents who can deliver a more personalized and consistent customer experience.

2. Inquiries have become more complex

As bundles increase in complexity, so do customer’s inquiries. When a call lands with an agent who doesn’t have the knowledge and skills needed to solve the issue at hand, customers must be put on hold or transferred to another, better prepared agent. Not only can high internal transfer rates and callbacks be a routing challenge for centers, they also have a negative impact on both agent and customer satisfaction. Therefore, agents need ongoing training and coaching to consistently handle customer inquiries on the first call to drive customer loyalty.

3. Pressure to drive long-term growth

The ability of frontline agents to up-sell and cross-sell on a single call is vital to a provider’s long-term growth. In fact, every time a customer calls in, agents have the ability to increase sales and drive long-term growth. The key is equipping frontline agents with the information they need to ask the right questions after they have dealt with the initial reason for the call so that they can then add more value.

“Smart technologies like intraday automation will help cable contact centers react to customer demands in real time,” said Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO. “Those providers who can create an outstanding customer experience with every interaction will gain the competitive advantage in this new consumer-driven environment.”

Organizations can find out if their contact center is prepared with the 2-Minute Cable Provider Customer Experience Assessment available here.

About Intradiem

Intradiem is the leader in intraday automation solutions for multi-channel contact centers. Intradiem’s customers achieve an invincible customer experience with a real-time workforce by automating manual processes such as intraday task management, intraday staffing, reskilling, channel balancing, and real-time alerts. Intradiem empowers an immediate and consistent response to unpredictable events and changing conditions, resulting in labor savings, improved employee performance and a better overall customer experience.