Health consciousness drives growth in the Australasian juice market

The health and wellbeing movement of consumers has contributed greatly to the growth of the juice market in Australasia. Juice market research has shown that consumer concerns regarding the link between unhealthy diets and chronic health problems, such as heart disease and obesity, have driven industry revenue growth over the past five years. Industry revenue is thus expected to grow at a steady rate.

This report: Australasia Juice Report 2013, provides a detailed analysis of the juice drinks market in Australasia, with data at a regional and individual country level, including forecasts to 2016


Market outlook

The Australasian fruit juice industry has evolved from a monopolistic competitive market to an oligopolistic market structure. The two firms that dominate the market, Berri and Golden Circle, compete primarily through the development of new products. Over the years the citrus marketing diversification program has assisted the growing industry to increase supply to both the domestic and export market which has been a welcome development. The processing industry has also welcomed increased domestic production which is suitable for fresh-type juicing. It is believed that New Zealand consumers alone spend in excess of USD 1.2 billion annually on non alcoholic beverages and fruit juices.


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