Personal Audio and Adam Carolla Settle Podcast Lawsuit


Personal Audio Issues General Statement to Podcasting Community

 BEAUMONT, TX  - August 19, 2014 - Personal Audio, the pioneers in personalized media solutions, is pleased to announce that it has resolved its litigation with Adam Carolla (and his podcasting company, Lotzi Digital, Inc.).  The parties reached an agreement on August 14, 2014 and filed dismissal papers with the Court today. 


In addition to announcing its agreement with Mr. Carolla, Personal Audio would like to take this opportunity to issue a more general statement to the podcasting community.  Previously, Personal Audio announced that it did not intend to sue any podcasters making modest amounts of revenues for infringement of U.S. Patent No. 8,112,504.  Indeed, Personal Audio has dismissed several podcasters from litigation because it was not worth litigating over the amount of damages involved. 


Personal Audio understands that, notwithstanding its dismissals of several podcasters and its previously-publicized intention not to sue podcasters making modest amounts of money for infringing its patents, there is still a great deal of concern in the podcasting community surrounding potential patent litigation from Personal Audio.  Accordingly, Personal Audio would like to again announce that it has no intention of suing podcasters that are making modest amounts of money from podcasting.  In particular, Personal Audio has no intention of suing the following podcasters: (1) the Nerdist; (2) Ear Wolf; (3) Podcast One; (4) Joe Rogan; (5) Marc Maron; and (6) Jay Mohr. 


Through this disclosure, Personal Audio hopes that it will assuage the podcasting community‚Äôs concerns and speculation regarding potential future patent litigation.    


ABOUT PERSONAL AUDIO LLC: Personal Audio LLC was founded in 1996 by James Logan, an inventor and entrepreneur, with a mission of offering personalized media to listeners over the Internet. The company worked to develop an audio player that could download, store and manipulate audio files to fulfill this mission.  This system, along with related ideas, was described in several patent applications filed in October 1996.


Personal Audio's pioneering playlist technologies are commonly used today in smartphones, tablets and other devices that store and play audio and video files and work with downloaded playlists.


In 2009, Personal Audio was issued a patent covering its groundbreaking innovations in the distribution of serialized online media, the "Episodic Content Patent." These techniques are commonly used today in the distribution of podcasts and serialized television shows. Learn more at




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