Popularity for French Boating Holidays Shows No Signs Of Abating

May 21,2014 -A feature article recently published on major travel-industry portal Travel Weekly predicts no end to the current wave of demand for boating holidays in France.


According to the feature writer, these boating holidays – which see thousands of tourists book barge cruises along France’s rivers each year – will continue to show signs of increase throughout the present year and into 2015. Proof of this is that the demand for this type of holiday continues to be high, and several companies operating river cruises along the country's rivers have already made plans to expand their fleet for the 2015 season.


After detailing how many boats each company will be adding to their fleet, as well as briefly going over some specifications for each of them, the article speculates as to why French rivers have suddenly become so popular. It advances the hypothesis that perhaps boating holidays have become overcrowded on the Danube and other German rivers and companies are exploiting alternatives.  


While this certainly might be the case, it is far more likely that the sudden demand for barge holidays along French rivers has more to do with the general public’s appreciation for this spectacular country. Recent studies have shown France to be one of the most popular destinations for river barge and cruise holidays, coming in elbow-to-elbow with Germany on the overall map of the industry in Europe. The same studies have also shown this location to be a particular favourite among British tourists, who account for over half the bookings companies operating French river cruises each year.


The growth of this industry in France is in line with similar situations taking place across Europe, with boating holidays growing in popularity and demand all across the Old Continent, and fleets being strengthened across the board to meet the demand.



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