American Built Arms Company Launches The American Pride Video Series

Glen Rock, PA, August 25, 2014 – American Built Arms Company (, a veteran-owned, Type 07 U.S. manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories to the defense industry has sponsored and launched the American Pride Video Series. The A*B Arms’ American Pride Video Series (APVS) is a monthly series of professionally filmed and edited educational topics related to the American sport and defense industry. The series will focus on building awareness of current day U.S. manufacturing and demystifying the general public's view of the firearm industry.

APVS will be hosted by Allen Lardieri. Allen made headline news last year when his son was arrested for wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an image of an AR-15 and the NRA logo. Allen is a passionate supporter of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and we felt that the American Pride Video Series would fit perfectly into his desire to "get the word out" across our great country. Not to mention he's extremely entertaining. The APVS episodes will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Polymer Manufacturing
  • Metal Manufacturing 
  • Triggers
  • NRA Demystified
  • U.S. Constitution 101
  • Competitive Speed Shooting
  • History & Benefits of Hunting
  • Building Your Own AR-15
  • ATF Demystified
  • Reloading Ammo
  • Ammo Types (Top 10 and what they’re used for)
  • NFA Trusts Demystified
  • Flash suppressors and compensators
The first three episodes found below are Allen's Story, U.S. Metal Machining and Spending Time with Bill Geissele at Geissele Automatics

About American Built Arms Company

American Built Arms Company is a veteran owned, Type 07 U.S. Manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories to the defense industry. They also provide design, development, project management and consulting to the defense industry. Based in Glen Rock, PA, American Built Arms Company markets and sells its A*B Arms brand of high-end products through a network of dealers, distributors and OEM manufacturers. To learn more about American Built Arms Company, please contact customer support at or visit our web site at