Third-Party Ownership Of Football Players Changing The Look Of The Sports Business



The book “Third – Party Ownership Of Football Players” have been published in the lime light of the sports business now days.


The author of the book “Marcelo Robalinho” is a lawyer by profession and has utilized his skills to the greatest extent in making the book highly informative. The book covers almost all the facets needed in the football field.


The book shows how the sports have become a business in this recent world. Almost all the sectors are getting involved in the sports.


The author has completed his law study from South Africa. Later he has done his masters in Sports Law from the Neuchatel University. The author is connected to some of the sports firm of Denmark and South America.


The book introduces itself with the view of the football business. It describes the third party ownership, rules of the ownership in associations. It also states the main actors of the football market. It argues mainly about the third party ownership, human rights and sports competition. Along with this it also argues on the economic status of the sports of football.


Next it reveals the situation of the medium clubs of football and helps extend to them. This part of the book deals with many legal arguments and practical guides for the medium football clubs.


Altogether it delivers to the readers the many secrecies of the game of football. It has shown the readers that how the game of football has become actually a business in the world market now.  The player and other members of the game are playing with dollars these days and thus the sport is getting onto new heights and is being promoted every day.


A reader of the book recently says, “I have been a great fan of the football game. Along with watching all the football games, I also keep updated knowledge about the game of football. But the book has been provided with such information that are a secret to the general public. It has provided many entertaining facts about the game of football and the people involved in it”.


About the book Third – Party Ownership Of Football Players

The book Third – Party Ownership Of Football Players has been written by the sports lawyer in order to put in light the unknown facts of the game of football. The author a sports lawyer has presented the legal facts and information about the game in the book in an appealing way. The book can be reviewed at



Marcelo Robalinho