EMS Internet Reviews on Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe, the market-leading graphics editing tool programming company has launched its latest After Effects CC is the 12th version of its motion graphics software. Launches made now and then send users to a state of confusion as to what’s new and what all are the same. EMS Internet reviews are great help to those who are inquisitive about new software launches and learning their knick knacks. The first thing mentionable about this new CC is that adobe has integrated a whole lot of upgrades to the application. EMS Internet says that while Adobe has upgraded its existing functions, it has included some highly functional features to complete the package.

Talking about the new features included, what makes the difference with the earlier version starkly noticeable is its Live 3D pipeline. Wondering what that it? Adobe has particularly stressed on this feature in the promotional teasers prior to its release. EMS Internet reviews say that this feature will enable users to work on the scenes within the Cinema 4D environment natively, which means you can skip the time-consuming step of rendering the images first. Even all the files that you import in it will have a live link with them, which will facilitate implementation of materials, camera and lighting changes, without re-rendering. EMS Internet reviews for Adobe After Effects CC are positive, mostly because it has reduced the complexity of the process by a considerable measure.

The second best feature is the Cinema 4D Lite which Adobe has managed by signing a contract with its partner Maxon for a lite Cinema 4D so that Creative Cloud users can access easily. With that, even first time users will be able to engage themselves in trying to build sophisticated models. Rendering can henceforth be done within the composition itself. EMS Internet reviews have included the Redefine Edge Tool in its list of the new best features. This particular option scrutinizes the soft-edge parts of a scene and puts a better matte effect on the same. The feature has made it easy to work on scenes with foliage as the effect analyzes the feathered parts and adds clarity to the same. It works great also for backgrounds treated with the motion blur effect. EMS Internet has praised this alterative of manual rotoscoping function for its precision. Thus, it frees the users from doing a frame-by-frame job which is time saving.

A new kind of filter effect that has been integrated in the new After Effects CC is that Pixel Motion Blur. This effect ensures that all moving objects within the scene are given a blurry effect, but with analysis of difference in position. The effect is really great for scenes where an enhanced filmic effect is to be attained to do justice to the composition. In short, this new version of Adobe After Effect CC has a range of new features that distinctly set it apart and ahead from its prequels.

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