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United States - 17th May, 2014 - MinoxidilDirect– one of the leading websites selling hair loss treatment medication online has a complete range of Minoxidil hair loss products available for men and women. With this website you can now browse through an entire range of hair loss treatment products that will help you in keeping hair loss under control and also to promote hair regrowth.

At MinoxidilDirect, they specialize on a range of Minoxidil products like Minoxidil 5% and 2% solutions, Rogaine Foam along with a range of other high quality hair loss treatment products against reasonable and affordable prices. As all products available with the website including Minoxidil Foamare bulk purchased from the manufacturers, MinoxidilDirect not only always offers the freshest supply of these products but also sells them against wholesale prices – making it all the more profitable for their customers. All products purchased from them online are also delivered within 24 hours and with their excellent range of products and wonderful customer care service, MinoxidilDirect is one of the trusted names for purchasing Minoxidil hair loss prevention products online.

As an FDA approved drug for preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth Minoxidil is now available with MinoxidilDirect in three popular forms, Minoxidil 5%for men, Minoxidil 2% for women and Rogaine and Minoxidil Foamfor both men and women though the latter is considered to be better for men only. The Minoxidil 5% solution for men is highly effective and can reduce hair fall and encourage hair growth by a considerable degree. For best possible results Minoxidil anti hair fall treatment is required to be applied for an indefinite period of time but after 3 months to one year of regular use there will surely be some encouraging results.

Though hair loss is not as intimidating as women as it is among men but still a huge number of women from all over the world suffer from hair loss and require hair loss treatment products specifically made keeping their unique requirements in mind. Minoxidil 2%is a product specifically made for women presently available at and you can also visit the website for a complete range of Minoxidil and other hair fall treatment products.

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Minoxidil Direct offers Rogaine Foam, Minoxidil Foam, Nizoral & Progaine Shampoos for Men & Women. Minoxidil 5% for Men is the same product as Rogaine Extra Strength. There are no differences in composition or quality. They ship all packages via USPS Priority mail which takes between 2-3 business days and International Shipping takes between 6 -10 days.

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