Tips for Staying Organized When Recruiting New Hires

Recruiting for new positions within your company can be stressful and time consuming. Not only is there the task of creating and posting job ads, you have to track every applicant who applies. Depending on the position, you might receive a hundred resumes from qualified applicants.

When the response is overwhelming, some hiring managers pick the top candidates from the first ten resumes and toss the others aside. It’s a risky move, as the best person for the job might be in the second batch of resumes. However, the less paperwork a recruiter deals with, the easier it is for him or her to stay organized.

In many cases, lack of organization boils down to not having the proper recruiting software. Fortunately, applicant tracking software can assist hiring managers.

To remain organized throughout the hiring process, recruiters need to monitor and keep track of their job postings. There are several places online to post openings, such as online job boards and social media sites. Unfortunately, after posting countless ads, recruiters may lose track of ad locations. With a web-based recruitment application, they can use the software to create openings, and then post and track these openings across various job boards.

It is also challenging for recruiters to stay organized when they receive dozens of resumes an hour. They need the ability to accept all document formats, and they need a quick way to access these documents. As an organizational tool, online recruiting management software lets recruiters upload resumes from their computer to the software in bulk, and then archive resumes based on relevance. This method maintains order and saves time.   

Since the majority of job seekers use email, recruiters also require a system for responding to emails. Through the company’s software, they’ll receive notification of new resumes; and with the capacity to originate and store customized email templates, recruiters spend less time drafting emails.

Sometimes, a company employs a team of recruiters. These employees typically work with the human resource department. Although they may alternate interviewing candidates, they work in conjunction with each other to select the best person.

Organization is imperative when recruiters collaborate. Since recruitment management software uses the web, there’s no need to install the application on each recruiter’s computer. Therefore, it’s easier and faster for a group to compare notes and review applications. Rather than print resumes and circulate these among the hiring team, everyone involved in the decision can access an applicant’s information online.

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