Karen Silver Design Introduces New Collection called “The Elegance of Gemstone”

[BANGKOK, 1/15/2014] – Karen Silver Design,an established international provider of fine silver jewelry from Thailand, has unveiled its latest collection called “The Elegance of Gemstone” based on the ideal image of elegance and sophistication. This newest addition to the company’s extensive list of jewelry offerings is targeted towards women looking for pieces that reflect their unique characteristics and personal style.

Precious Stones that Symbolize a Woman’s Personality

With over two decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Karen Silver Design continues to reinvent itself to meet changing demands of the market. The company created its new collection to introduce different classic gemstones through earrings and the image behind them. For this new range, the company has included pieces made of Black Stone, Carnelian, Green Agate, Lapis, Tiger Eyes, Blue Onyx, Blue Sand Stone and Crystal. Each piece is complete with cubic zirconia and genuine sterling silver fish hooks.

Other Elegant Silver Jewelry Pieces from Karen Silver Design

Apart from precious gemstones, Karen Silver Design also manufactures fine jewelry made from different materials. Pieces made of sterling silver 925 remains the company’s bestseller. Interested buyers can choose from necklaces, earrings, rings, and other accessories to complement their wardrobe. Other popular designs include accessories with touches of leather, macramé, and sterling silver 925 with material. Customers can also browse through assembled jewelry pieces, according to the company.

About Karen Silver Design

Karen Silver Design is a recognized jewelry expert based in Bangkok, Thailand. Since 2007,the company has established itself for the high-quality yet affordable handmade silver jewelry pieces it offers. They distribute silver accessories in different parts of the globe, including Australia, America, and Europe.

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