Mainly manufacturing tools for the high quality handmade oil paintings

China – Even if people¡¯s home has already been decorated by different type of oil painting, they should not fully understand the main equipments and tools that painters used to finishing these handmade oil paintings. Today, the professional painter from which is the best online seller for all kinds of oil paintings wholesale will let people have fully knowing about these main tools.

The main painting materials and tools includes the pigments, turpentine, brushes, painting knives, canvas, varnish, frame and so on.


The first is pigment which could be divided into mineral and chemical two categories. The original oil paints are mostly mineral pigments that ground into fine powder by hand. Painters could only reconcile it in the painting process. In modern time, with the mass-production by the plant, the pigment types are increasing very quickly. However, people should know that the chemical reactions will let the different pigments produce adverse reactions. Thus, painter should master painting techniques which could help them make full use of the pigments in the painting process.


Turpentine is one kind of medical volatile oil. This kind of material will play the role of dilution in the making process of the oil painting. The evaporating speed of this oil is very quickly which is between 2 minutes. Painter could mix turpentine and the pigments with certain proportion and it could make the drying speed of oil paint become very quickly.

Painting Brush

The brush is made of the animal hair with the moderate elasticity. The shape of the oil painting brush include round, flat front, short front fan and other species.

Painting knife

This too is also known as the palette knife which is made ??of thin flexible steel. The shape of this tool could be divided into pointed shape and rounded points. The function of the painting knife is to mix the oil paints on the palette thoroughly.


The editor from which is the best online supplier for oil paintings wholesale china oil painting reproductions said that the standard canvas is made by the linen or canvas which had been painted with the white glue or oil blending on its surface. Generally, the canvas should be made into the canvas with wove foundation and non-sucking to oil. According to the size and demand of the handmade oil painting, the woven frame and thickness of the canvas could be freely changed.


Generally, the finished painting should be painted with the special varnish which could help to keep the gloss of the screen and prevent erosion and fouling from the air and other dust.


However, the completely oil painting should include the frame especially the highly realistic paintings and classical painting. The material of frame for oil painting is usually the multi-use wood, plaster, aluminum and other metal materials. The selection is mainly based on people¡¯s own favorite.

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