The Benefits of Greening your workplace

The office environment is one that can benefit greatly from the addition of some greenery. We evolved, as a species, within the confines of plant life; it has always provided us with our surroundings, so it fits that they should help us to feel comfortable and more relaxed than barren concrete walls.

The calming effect of green in an office building has been proven time and again, and as you know, a calm worker is more productive. But there are additional benefits to introducing green areas in to your workplace. They muffle noise very effectively, preventing it from bouncing directly off of the hard walls, lowering the amount of ambient noise occurring between work stations, and keeping distractions to a minimum.

Office plants and life in an office improves the air quality within these buildings. Many people don't realise that the air quality inside an office building can be considerably worse than outside, due to the airborne combination of mould, formaldehydes, dust mites, and the solvents of cleaning products being unable to naturally dissipate. Plants release oxygen in to the air, and make it a healthier place to spend your day.

Plant life in your office can reduce the stress of your workforce, improve their health, and through both of these impacts, impact your workplace productivity and employee retention rates. They are a fine addition to any office building, and at Living Holmes, we can install them on any vertical space you choose.

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