Exclusive Interview: Diego Ventura Talks with Connected World Magazine About IoE and AI

The CEO and founder of noHold, Diego Ventura, sat down with Tim Lindner of Connected World Magazine to talk about the Internet of Everything (IoE) and how Virtual Agents are a growing part of this phenomenon. Below is the introduction to the article; to read the full interview, please click here.   

"At the close of 2012, Ray Kurzweil, a well-known inventor, futurist, and founder of Singularitarianism, posted a brief article in his online newsletter entitled "How the Internet of Everything Will Change the World."

His primary source was Cisco, which at the time was beginning its transformation into a company primarily focused on supplying the infrastructure that would support the explosive growth it forecasted as the world embraced the IoE (Internet of Everything).

Cisco made the statement that "more than 99% of things in the physical world are still not connected to the Internet." Cisco went on to state that "by 2020, 37 billion intelligent things will be connected to the Internet." 2020 is less than six years away.

As Cisco defines it, "The Internet of Everything builds on the foundation of the IoT (Internet of Things) by adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration, and visibility across previously disparate systems."

Like the iceberg, the things we can see, such as connected-smart devices in people's hands or cars, is just a small part of the whole. The larger part unseen by most is the infrastructure that connects those devices and makes the Internet of Everything work.

It is here, unseen but an important player in the functioning of the infrastructure, "adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration, and visibility across previously disparate systems," that we find Diego Ventura and his company, noHold, Inc. Recently Connected World magazine's Tim Lindner sat down with the very distinguished Ventura to have a very candid conversation about how he plans on charting a course for noHold straight into the future of the Internet of Everything. What we learned is that what noHold does will at some point in the future touch your lives on a daily basis. It will soon be very transparent to you. All you will see, hear, and touch will be his company's Virtual Agents."

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