American Walk-in Tubs Delivers Full Fledged Range of Handicap Bathtub

American Walk In Tubs an ace name in the industry of walk in tubs manufactures, delivers a whole array of handicap bathtubs. The tubs come in myriad dimensions and are accoutered with varied features and available options for one to choose according to one’s needs.

American Walk-In Tubs a reputed walk in tub manufacturing company designs, makes and delivers full-fledged range of handicap bathtubs which endow individuals with mobility issues or lacking the ability to sit and lift up themselves on their own with the privilege of enjoying a relaxing bath. The Walk-in tubs by the company comes with a lifetime warranty and are available in myriad varieties possessing a whole array of bathing comfort options broadly divided under two series namely, the President’s Series Walk In Tubs and American Series Walk In Tubs.

The American Series of Walk in Tubs by American Walk In Tubs comprise low step tubs enclosed within a 1½” stainless steel frame of rectangular shape that embraces all features to ensure optimum comfort as well as safety for the bathers. Some of the key features of this series include an Anti-slip flooring, grab bar for holding, 17” high seat which is also anti-slip, 5 Piece Roman Faucet Set that has been approved by UPC and other additional options like head rest pillow, Chromo Therapy Illumination, 6 Water Jets with Heater, Self Sanitizing Ozonator and others. The President Series of Walk In Tubs come under 5 varieties named after US Presidents such as Roosevelt, Cleveland, Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln. These differ from the wide range of American Series of Walk In Tubs in that they are custom designed for individuals who do not get the specific features they require from among the array of the American ones. For instance, while the Cleveland Walk In Tubs are frameless in nature, the Roosevelt comprises the smallest one among the series with a length of 42”. Like the American Series these too are available in myriad options for one to customize the bath tub in accordance to the particular needs.

Talking about the vast spectrum of walk in tubs, the official spokesperson of American Walk In Tubs said, “A warm relaxing bath can indeed soothe your senses and lend your body and mind the ultimate solace that you desire, many a time even helping in alleviating physical pains that may afflict you for reasons whatsoever. At American Walk In Tubs we completely understand the importance of a comfortable and safe bathing area which enables you to enjoy such bathing experience for your lifetime. In a bid to adhere to our mission we have harnessed some of the top-notch engineers in the industry with over 3 decades of experience to research and pick out the best designs only to put in their own creative clout to devise tubs that are durable being made of colorfast woven fiberglass and accoutered with anti-slip flooring. With such walk in tubs at your disposal you can be sure that you or your loved ones are completely comfortable, confident and safe while enjoying a blissful bath.”

The company gives a Lifetime Warranty on its Jets Not to Leak and Door Seal for every handicap bathtub that it manufactures and delivers. The details of each variety of bathtubs such as key features, available options, dimensions and Installation Guides are given on the company’s official website for clients to make their choice even without seeing the bathtubs physically.

“While our bathtubs are designed with certain key facilities in mind we ensure asking every customer about any specific additional options that they would want to harness their bathtubs with in order to enhance the health of their body and mind,” added the spokesperson. “With the impeccable Whirlpool Therapy, Hydrotherapy Spa, Easy Access Ramps, and Custom Shower Doors you can indulge yourself to the lees and enjoy all the health benefits that come along with our mind blowing options of custom-made walk- in tubs.”

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About American Walk In Tubs
American Walk In Tubs is a manufacturer and seller of world-class handicap bathtubs which are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements, safety and comfort elements needed by individuals who suffer from some sort of mobility issues. The company takes additional care to ensure that the best quality materials go to make the tubs and that they are flexibly designed to incorporate any additional fixtures that may be requested by clients. The website of the company gives clients a detailed peak into the various walk-in tub options available, their individual specifications as well as information pertaining to locating local dealers and requesting the company brochure.