Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Providing Impetus to the Agricultural Industry

Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market can be segmented on basis of applications, geographies and types.

The grain & oilseed segment includes wheat, rice, corn, soybean, barley, sorghum, sugarcane, and sunflower, among others. Soil fertility and the proper use of fertilizers are important aspects in crop production. High-yielding irrigated crops require a significant amount of nutrients from the soil to achieve their optimum yield. Hence, nitrogenous fertilizers are extensively used to improve the crop yield in areas affected by unfavorable weather and unsuitable topography & geography. Asia-pacific is the biggest consumer of nitrogenous fertilizers for grain & oilseed production.

North America has traditionally been a high consumer of nitrogenous fertilizers. The use of these fertilizers has helped farmers achieve higher yields. Market players are developing new and improved capacities for nitrogenous fertilizers in North America. The U.S. is the biggest consumer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the North American region, and the largest importer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the world. Most of the nitrogen imported into the United States is in the form of anhydrous ammonia and urea. Canada is not only one of the world's major producers of fertilizers, but also an important importer of nitrogen. The North American nitrogenous fertilizer market is driven by the need for better quality crop products in the market.

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Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market:

Within the EU, nitrogenous fertilizers are applied to agricultural soils mainly in the form of ammonium nitrate. Nitrogen in commercial fertilizers is particularly soluble, and facilitates uptake by crops. However, this solubility also makes nitrogenous fertilizers vulnerable to run-off after heavy rainfall, and increases the changes of nitrogen seeping through to the water table. Nitrogenous fertilizers have traditionally been favored by farmers in Europe as they are the best suited to the topography and climate of the region. France is the biggest consumer of nitrogenous fertilizer among European regions. In Germany, the Nitrates Directive has been implemented, which sets detailed and precise legal requirements for good agricultural practice with regards to the application of nitrogenous fertilizers.

Asia Pacific Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market:

The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to show a significant growth in the consumption of nitrogenous fertilizers by the end of this decade. Across the Asia-Pacific region, millions of rice farmers depend on urea fertilizers to meet the nitrogen needs of the crops. Urea is the major source of nitrogen in rice fields. Asian countries, such as Korea, China, Japan, and recently Vietnam, are applying a very high level of nitrogenous fertilizers per hectare, for both short-term and perennial crops. China is estimated to account for about half of the global capacity for nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogenous fertilizers are the key to boosting agricultural production in Japan due to the lack of arable land, and the small-scale nature of the farms.

Latin America Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market:

Latin America is one of the world's fastest-growing nitrogenous fertilizer markets, as it is working towards increasing its agricultural production capacity by about one-third. The main consumers of fertilizer in this region are Brazil and Argentina. More than two-third of the nutrients consumed in each country in Latin America are imported. This indicates that the region relies on foreign markets for the supply of nitrogenous fertilizers. A major share of the nitrogenous fertilizers used here is accounted for by urea, followed by ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate. The highest quantity of nitrogenous fertilizers is used on crops like potato, coffee, sugar cane, cotton, and citrus.

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