Dog Hip and Joint Injury – One of the Most Common Pet Problem that Pet Owners Are Not Aware Of!

Orlando, Florida – For a lot of pet owners, dogs and cats are like people. They consider their pets as an important part of the family. Some even consider them as their very own children that loves to run around the yard and play all day long. Just like people, dogs and cats need to have a constant check-up on their health. One of the most ignored problem by many pet owners is that they fail to see that their pet is suffering from hip and joint injury. Now, this is a common health problem among pets especially since they spend their day running around the house and jumping up and down especially when they get excited.

Veterinarians worldwide acknowledge this huge problem among pet owners and are launching massive campaigns in order to educate people about this health problem that pets may experience. Moreover, a dog’s or cat’s unhealthy joint could greatly impact his overall health wherein he may manifest signs of unwillingness to follow to their owners, grumpiness and fatigue because of that constant pain they are going through. Aside from that, they may also lose their appetite and thus aggravates the problem even more.

Aside from having a regular check-up, veterinarians also recommend giving health supplements that could make their joints stronger and thus prevent various injuries later on. One such supplement is Choice Nutrition Supplements’ Advanced Hip and Joint Formula . It has been proven to help maintain the optimal function of hip and joint for various dog sizes, it prevents further damage to joints and promotes flexibility as well. Aside from that, it could also alleviate the discomfort that dogs experience whenever they have a joint injury.

“My dog loves this product, he thinks it’s a treat! I have tried other products similar to this but he would not eat them. I would have to hide them in other foods. He loves this one! I can just give them right to him. Unfortunately, he was not blessed in the joint department, he has already had 2 knee replacements, so he really needs this supplement. It’s wonderful to have finally found one he will take without all the hassle! Thank you!” – SPaul, Pet Owner

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