Gyprock Provides Quality Materialsfor the Construction Industry

Gyprock, has been a bastion of long-standing excellence in the Australian construction industry. For over 150 years, the company constantly provides premium quality products that meet and exceed the standards of excellence and durability.

[Brisbane, 6/25/2014]– Gyprock, the leading plasterboard manufacturer in Australia, has been a steady supplier of premium quality products for the demanding construction industry. The company understands that buildings and other structures need to be made up to code and deemed safe for occupancy.

When it comes to construction, the Australian-based company makes sure to meet the structural needs for acoustic, fire, structural integrity, energy efficiency. For over a century-and-a-half, Gyprock has been supplying a range of premium quality products and systems to meet and exceed the requirements of the rigid construction industry.


Gyprock notes that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) has strict considerations, which need to be complied to for property boundaries, floors, and roofs. Safety and fire retardation are important. This holds especially true for structures used as aged care facilities.


Gyprock offers noise solutions through the use of products and materials designed to bring more soundproofing qualities to walls, ceilings, and floors for homes, offices, schools, and other structures.

Structural integrity

The company explains that it is important to distribute loads in an even manner so as not to compromise structural stability. Other factors that should be under consideration include wind pressures and impact resistance.

Energy efficiency

Gyprock offers clients with wall systems that are designed to specifically meet and exceed performance requirements set by the BCA.Through years of dedication and hard work, the company has built a dependable network of suppliers and retail outlets over the years.

Gyprock has been the constant source of quality products such as plasterboard, cornice, compounds, adhesives, sealants, specialty plasters, ceiling panels, tools, tapes, and other construction accessories.


CSR Gyprock has been Australia’s premier brand for internal linings and plasterboard for generations. The company has been the constant source of excellent quality gypsum-based products such as plasterboard, plaster, cornices, and other finishing materials and accessories.All the years of hard work and dedication within the company was rewarded in 2012 when they placed second place in the Building and Construction category at the Infolink Top Trusted Brands.

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