Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Training Reaches Thousands

Many individuals are overcome with stress and overwhelming dissatisfaction with their current paths. Life coach powerhouse Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder LIVE workshops have guided thousands to make the changes they need to start living better lives today.

Society’s mandates of hard work and dedication are often taken to the extreme, persuading individuals that stress is normal, that an overwhelming workload is common, and that dreams should be put off until tomorrow. Motivational speaker, bestselling author, and visionary Mary Morrissey, featured at , believes differently, and the life coach powerhouse offers DreamBuilder LIVE seminars that have already transformed thousands of lives.

Eliminate self-doubt and regain a positive self-image. Learn to develop a clear vision for professional and personal goals, along with the step-by-step plan to achieve it. With topics ranging from sending and attracting distinctive energies, to tapping into resources for creative ideas, the two-and-a-half day DreamBuilder workshops give participants a life-changing opportunity. Led by Mary Morrissey, as seen at , and other internationally-recognized life coaches, these events help difference-makers achieve the inspiration, balance, connection, and freedom they crave, all in a compassionate, nurturing atmosphere.

The easy-to-use website for this premiere event with Mary Morrissey, accessible at , includes all the exciting, comprehensive details, including a complete schedule, testimonials from past attendees, extensive descriptions of seminar topics, online registration, and more.

With the perfect blend of Morrissey’s refreshingly vibrant philosophy, supportive community of fellow dream builders, and a time-tested method that consistently gets results, DreamBuilder LIVE events provide the motivation to take the leap toward a more meaningful, fulfilling, dream-grabbing life, today.

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Clinician, bestselling author, consultant, inspirational speaker, and visionary, Mary Morrissey is one of the foremost thinkers in the field of life coaching. Her DreamBuilder workshops have reached thousands and continue to guide participants in discovering their potential and making a difference.

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