St Vincent de Paul Village’s "Specialty" Auction

St Vincent de Paul Village is a large non-profit organization in San Diego that is gearing up to sell a range of items via an online auction.  The organization is celebrating 60 years of helping neighbors in the San Diego community buy properties in an easy and affordable way.  The online auction is just one of the organizations ways of raising funds to do this, and they will be selling Antiques, Fine Art, Large Sports memorabilia collection, silver, gold, jewlery, and more…

Through online auction in order to make this happen.

The rich history of St. Vincent de Paul Village cannot be denied, and the auction, which is designed to help the San Diego community with affordable housing, has been ongoing for several decades.  The foundation for the Village was laid in April 1950 when Bishop Charles F. Buddy dedicated St. Mary of the Wayside Chapel at 811 F Street, San Diego to the mission that St. Vincent de Paul Village was hoping to undertake. Father Michael O’Donohoe, a WWII chaplain, served in the honored place as pastor to the chapel’s poor and low income parishioners. The chapel continued to expand and develop until it became one of the largest parishes in San Diego.  All the specialty items donated to St. Vincent de Paul Villages are sold via an online auction process, with the next planned for April 8.

The online auctions conducted by Cal Auctions & Estates continue to be the most popular in the San Diego area.  The auctioned items draw a great deal of appeal from those who regularly participate in the auction.  The items are of supreme quality and only the best are selected form the ones collected from those donated to the organization.

The partnership between St. Vincent de Paul Village and Cal Auctions & Estate Sales has enjoyed a great deal of success and continues to blossom. “We are very excited to be partnering with Father Joe and St Vincent de Paul for these special events,” said Jason Hanks, owner of Cal Auctions.

Cal Auctions & Estate Sales was formed in 2011 to provide online auction services for the commercial and estate community. Company employees are well versed and trained in the online auction method of selling, and quickly realized that selling assets online to consumers was what they did best.  That’s why the partnership between Cal Auctions and Estate Sales and St. Vincent de Paul Village was launched; only the best items were sold to the San Diego community.  The online platform that Cal Auctions uses, makes the auction process easier for customers from all over the U.S to participate in the sale.

Unlike eBay or CraigsList, which sell a single item to a single buyer, is an event-based liquidation site. Each event has a location, a scheduled preview, a closing and a removal, just like a traditional auction house.  The company is a combination of several things: the traditional (with previews and pickups), a bit eBay (online bidding), and something completely different (event based, photo catalogs and credit card only payments). All of these characteristics have fuelled the versatility of the company and made the company more attractive to many.

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