How a Foreclosure Attorney San Diego Can Help to Save Foreclosure Home


Los Angeles, CA - There are many ways to stop foreclosure or slow down a foreclosure, but taking legal action is the best way to save a home from a foreclosure sale. When a lender sends a notice of default or notice of trustee sale, hiring a foreclosure attorney is the home owner’s best protection against losing the home.

When trustees and mortgage lenders move forward with foreclosures, San Diego residents have legal protection under the California laws. When looking for an experienced foreclosure attorney, San Diego residents often call the team at Consumer Action Law Group for quick and effective legal action. San Diego County foreclosures, under the California state laws, are best stopped by filing lawsuits or filing bankruptcy.

How to select the best Foreclosure Attorney San Diego

When selecting a foreclosure attorney, San Diego residents should make sure that their lawyer has stopped foreclosures with both methods; instead of locking a homeowner into one option that doesn’t make sense. To file a lawsuit against the mortgage lender, the attorney looks into the foreclosure procedures to see if there have been any violations of the California laws. Once a homeowner is represented by a foreclosure attorney , San Diego bankruptcy filing will stop a sale immediately. Upon filing bankruptcy, the court automatically stops all other legal proceedings until such a time when the bankruptcy court determines what is owed and who is entitled to collect debts.

Get the Right Foreclosure Prevention Help

When a homeowner needs immediate help from a foreclosure attorney, San Diego should call to discuss their situation and determine which is the best option: filing a lawsuit, declaring bankruptcy, or looking at other non-legal alternatives such as walking away from the house in a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. San Diego foreclosures can be avoided by hiring a good foreclosure attorney. A home owner has a chance to fight foreclosure and maintain possession of their house if the mortgage lender is moving forward without giving an option for remaining in the home. To effectively stop foreclosures, San Diego residents are strongly advised to call a lawyer with a track record in saving homes.

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The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are dedicated to stop foreclosure and help homeowners stay in their homes. Their foreclosure attorneys take the time to explain your best options over the phone, offering free legal advice to anyone facing foreclosure. Call Consumer Action Law Group to save foreclosure house from sale date. The first call is always free, and it could save your home. Call (818) 254-8413 today!

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