Music Startup SongAmpr Offers New Model for Releasing Tracks.

January 17, 2014 – For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES, CA—Today music startup SongAmpr announced the official beta release of its new software, designed to help musicians maximize the value of their music.  The software is free to use and represents an innovative model for releasing music and growing a fan base.

The platform allows musicians to create SongPages, where fans can listen to the track, watch a video, download the song for free in exchange for opting into the band’s mobile list, subscribe to the artist’s newsletter, join the fan club, and purchase a song-inspired product.  Artists can sync their blog with the platform, and many other third-party sync features, such as the ability to sync photos and concert events, are in the works.  In addition, SongAmpr provides a fan club infrastructure where artists can foster and develop their tribe.

A core feature of SongAmpr is the song-inspired product—a product designed by the artist and sold through their SongPage in conjunction with the song’s release.  SongAmpr handles the manufacturing, fulfillment, and customer service on all orders, making it effortless for bands to sell custom products in conjunction with new music releases.

SongAmpr provides a beautiful, world-class administrative platform for artists to manage their site, chart fan and revenue growth, download fan data, and more.

Designer and creator Bryan Joseph (previously the founder and President of Power Chord Academy, the first national rock’n roll camp for teens) notes,  “We’ve already seen this model validated by a few acts, most notably Alex Day,” the UK chart-topping musician who has adopted the engagement + tribe + singles model.

To back it up, Joseph is using SongAmpr to release tracks from his new band, The Rebel Electrics.  SongAmpr is free to use and beta access can be requested by visiting