Improve The Facial Skin Texture With Anti-Aging Vitamin C Skin Serum, With An Added 15% Off


Growth Enrichment Center has presented an amazingly effective facial serum, loaded with the qualities of Vitamin C,  for those, who have failed to have any benefits on the skin texture of their faces, in spite of applying thousands of expensive products, available in the market. This Incredible facial serum is now offered with an added 15% discount to the customers.

The online retailer has already offered this best quality anti aging and skin care serum at a discounted rate of $50.09, with an unbelievable discount of 56%. However, to enjoy the spirit of April, this product is sold with an added 15% off! Besides that, customers are entitled to enjoy the free shipping benefits, like always with this product.

The Vitamin C serum is actually the result of extensive research work, of combining goodness of Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and many more. This rare combination has provided amazing results to reduce the aging signs from the facial skins of the daily users.  Added to that, this serum is enriched with high quality antioxidants, which are known to have age reversing qualities as well!

This skin care serum with vitamin C is known to be the best ever anti-aging serum, available in the market, for the proven results. This product immediately gives you 6 amazing benefits of brightening, rehydrating, lightening, firming, and beautifying your skin. It increases the firmness of the skin. This product magnificently wipes out all the dark and brown spots from your face and helps you to achieve an even and supple skin tone. You can feel the wonderfully increased elasticity of your skin and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The vitamin serum has offered awesome results instantly to numerous people around the world.  Demy C has recently started applying this product on her face. She claims, “I started using this about a month ago. I have seen a tremendous difference in the brightness of my skin. I use it every night after cleansing. This Vitamin C Apple Stem Cell age reversing formula is a great product. I have noticed a difference in my fine lines in a short amount of time, especially the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes. It arrived in a white pump container to keep the light out to keep the vitamin C from breaking down.”

About Vitamin C serum:
Growth Enrichment Center brings in vitamin C serum. This is a great anti aging skin serum.
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