The Bluetooth wireless technology contains more advantages than other wireless transmission technology

China - Each fan of electrical devices may all have the desire to purchase one Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Compared with the normal wireless speaker, the Bluetooth Wireless Speaker contains many unique advantages and features as its unique Bluetooth technology. Today, the famous online store which is the best online seller for Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and smart phone spare parts will tell people all advantages of the Bluetooth technology.

Wide Range of Applications

The specification of the Bluetooth TECHNOLOGY is unified around global. No matter what kind of electrical devices such as mobile phone, PDA, wireless headsets, laptops, automotive, medical equipment, computer peripherals and other devices, as long as it has the Bluetooth adapter, it can easily connect to the Bluetooth device for data transfer or voice communications. So, this technology is very widespread around the world. The Apple accessories is the very good example for this.

Easy Operate

The Bluetooth technology is one sort of real-time technology and it does not require fixed infrastructures and easy to be install and set up. This technology could be reached without the existing of the cable so that the operation for this device is very easy.

Faster Transmission Speed

Compared to other WIRELESS methods such as infrared transmission, the Bluetooth protocol has obvious advantages on speed. The theoretical maximum speed of the Bluetooth 4.0 could reach to 24Mbps. However, the faster transmission speed could help people guarantee the higher quality of the voice from the Mini Bluetooth Wireless speaker.

Moderate Transmission Distance

The transmission distance for the normal speaker is generally less than 10 meters which is just the size of a room. Furthermore, the Bluetooth technology could also achieve the partition data transmit so that it should be very suitable for home environments. The Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker from website Mobile phone spare parts should be the better choice for people who always using computer or other electrical device at home.

While there are many advantages of the Bluetooth, the emergence of signals interfere could not be totally avoided because products with 2.4G Bluetooth transmission equipment share with same band. In addition, the Bluetooth technology is not a fully free technology and any manufacturer who wants to use this technology must pay a royalty, which is part of the cost. So, the price of Bluetooth products is usually higher than normal devices.

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